Ghanian of the meeting…


After-night options today go into detail:

# Home team Coritiba counts (5-1-0) while in the last 4/6 it kept its home intact… against tradition and the predictions Pisandou ignores the victory in the 5 most recent however it has scored in all the outings.

# On a good moon, Atletico Gioanense comes from 2 consecutive victories against Sampaio and Brazil de Pelotas, it is easy or difficult to expect to bite the three-pointer; at the bottom of the table, Boa can hardly stay upright in the category.

# Good goal frequencies in the pair Avai - Goias both run undefeated four games (15 goals active) will come out on the open field and whatever he wanted to happen… to score both sides.

# The absolute culmination of the meeting is that Los Angeles, being a click on quality, has lost ground, in terms of points, will find a way to reach dominance; in a passive role, Washington can score the goal of honor.


Coritiba - Paysandu
Avai FC - Goias
LA Galaxy - DC United

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