Babies are trampling ...


The cements in Einfield were also bent yesterday with what our eyes saw ... neither did the Liverpool players themselves. Scenario scenario 2 goals within 2 minutes from Liverpool (54΄- 56΄ own player) at this level with these players against this opponent and in the semi-finals of the Champions League semi-final with X -3)… icing on the cake Orizi's fourth goal fell to Barcelona's defense, giving the German the qualification. Anyway he won the football anyway.

Tonight the second act defines the final couple:

# London's fluid 1-0 guarantees nothing and no one. Ajax Babies Are Fucking The 9 / 10 wins all competitions, picking up the first mug of the year in the Netherlands chasing double and treble with the Champions League. In full form, Tottenham are counting 5 / 6 defeats, scoring just 1 in their last 4 games, however difficult to stay out of the 4 in the Premier League. Incidentally it has found nets in the last 10 except in CHL.

# Extremely cloudy landscape in MLS based on early writing samples plays with increased chances of the counter ... well worth a 3 / 4 error system and whatever it wanted.


Ajax - Tottenham



Atlanta United - Toronto
Columbus - LA Galaxy
New York - Montreal
Chicago - New England