Goals and sight ...


The joy of bowling cup games is about levers, statistics forms and traditions going forwards ... anyway for those who care about a dry point approach to the tables.

Regularly streamed on Wednesday:

# Undefeated at home Bayern (24-6-0) has lost ground on the pitch and will clean it up with concise procedures, a difficult draw in the Champions League '16' playing with Liverpool ... 2 / 2 defeated

# Freiburg - Hannover Couple Nerves will most likely be judged and scored ... both running from 1 to 5 more recently being able to score a minimum of 1 in the show.

# Over Brender - Hoffenheim situation has no issues staying teams, good finishes on both ends of goal and spectacle ... time for the rest.

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Freiburg - Hannover
Bayern new_member M.-Leipzig
Werder Br. - Hoffenheim

goal / goal
TG 2-3
over 2,5