Goal and spectacle in Turin…


Good morning, dear friends. A quick look at our Sunday forecasts:

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Allegri will do extensive rotation in Juventus for the Champions League but again the difference between Sassuolo is evident and the win shows a one-way street. Vecia Siniora can bring the 3,5 over himself, and with the style played by Noroverdi they can find a goal and make it even easier.

Cologne started off very strong and looks set to return to the big Bundesliga immediately. He plays good football, Teronde scores incessantly and today against Paderborn I expectα become an open match with a lot of goals that the Tragets will probably win and again top.

Eboli does not abandon its aggressive philosophy, though the previous race fell on a spectacular Sorentino and stayed at 0-0 with Chievo. Today he will play for the first time this year with a team of so-called greats and if Lazio does not continue its frustrating failure we expect a big match.

In the 3 Bundesliga, underdog favorite Werder welcomes Würzburg in a mini Bavarian derby. Both teams are appealing the scoring (5 / 6 overtime each) and I would suggest the most likely 2,5 overtime goal that I expect to be easily verified.

Bordeaux ended the quest for a coach by ending up with an old acquaintance, but the guest Nim has learned to play openly, scoring 3 goals in Marseille and 2 in Paris FC. Today the crocodiles will have key absences, but they can certainly score a goal and confirm the double.

Nantes completely changed his style of play after the tight defense he was playing for Ranieri and is now playing a full attack with a lot of possession. The team has been making a lot of giggles until its players get used to the new system but they are slowly getting used to it and today I think they will defeat Reims who is used to giving places and will be wildly pounded.

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Juventus - Sassuolo
Cologne - Paderborn

1 & O3.5
1 & O2.5


Empoli - Lazio
Unterhaching - Wurzburg
Bordeaux - Nimes

G / G


Nantes - Reims

1 & O2.5