Goal with the… dropper


Hello my friends,

Last day of the groups tonight and goals are predicted with the… dropper. On the other hand in Ireland we have a top derby and a stay derby.

England and Belgium, have found themselves in the incredible situation of wanting both… defeat, because the second of the group will have better intersections. Unlike the previous games, where they scored in bursts, this time they will not give their best.

We're talking about two of the worst teams in the tournament. The conclusion is that play is expected with few stages and few or no goals.

Both teams are in great shape, but I will give a slight lead to the home team, Dundalk.

The two worst teams in the league are competing, which is likely to be a very bad game, resulting in poor performance and few goals (if any).

Equal match, since both teams are equal in the table, with the draw being a very likely outcome.

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Belgium - England
Panama - Tunisia

Under 2.5
Under 2.5