Gunnar Solskier ...

Last time in the championship when Manchester United scored 5 goals in a match, on the bench was sitting the 'Red Devils' coach. 5-5 at West Brom headquarters in May 2013 found Alex Ferguson to bid farewell and Ole Gunnar Solskier has already won two Norwegian championships with Molde. Angel Killer Ole Gunnar Solskier didn't do much to win Manchester United with 5-1. It was the players who 'escaped the murder' of Jose Mourinho.

During these 5,5 years a Scottish technician struck, a failed Norwegian term in England, a second term in Molde, the attempts of David Mogues, Luis van Halal and Jose Mourinho to succeed Eurocomber, and of which only 894.580.000 returned to the funds from sales. All this to get Solskier back to Old Trafford and inspire the 'Red Devils' players to win the 269.160.000-5 in Cardiff.

Former (coach) Solskier's team from January of 2014 until September of that year had 3 wins in previous 6 games and, getting 9 from the 14 points so far, was in good shape. A week earlier he had almost returned from an 0-3 counter at Watford (with Jose Holba's stunning goal) and it all seemed like he could get something positive out of Mourinho. From Solskier United, though?

The latter was different. Paul Pogba is key to that, as is Anthony Marshall. Luke Shaw and Phil Jones came into the starting line-up of a defense that has already received an 29 goal (worse than 1962), with Romelou Loucako out of the squad for personal reasons.

Three minutes was enough for Special One's two 'black sheep' actions to lead United to a goal. In a foul shot from 25 meters, Pogba put the ball in the net and a goalkeeper struck it and Marcus Rasford shot the 1-0. Everything was in favor of Solskier, even the luck of the match against Ander Erera's 2-0.

The night, however, was Pogba's. Passes without seeing, two assists afterwards and a response inside the pitch for what happened to the Portuguese coach off the field. Where just days ago ... he caused his fans to write a picture in his photo, on the day of Mourinho's dismissal. 'We won the trophy with José and thank him for that. It made me better, and as a human being. This is now in the past and I want to thank him. I'm sure this applies to all players and now we're looking at the next game, ' he said, probably with great effort to contain any suspicion of a minor after the end of the race.

Another player in the spotlight after Mourinho's dismissal but did not fight due to injury was Alexis Sanchez, who was trying to convince himself that the song he was listening to (and uploaded to social media) going to training had no cover-up. message. His title? 'Now We Are Free'. The Chilean also denied that he had bet with Mark Roach on the amount of 20.000 pounds for Mourinho's dismissal, writing on twitter: 'This is a lie. José gave me the opportunity to fight for the best team in the world and I am just grateful for him. We are truly united. We are Manchester United. Respect'.

But there was someone who didn't take these placements seriously. Someone who, if he was in the locker room of the team as he used to be, would not have had those situations with Mourinho. The players escaped with murder. They hid behind the coach. They threw him in the sharks', Roy King told BBC Radio 5 Live, adding: 'I'm not one of Mourinho's big fans, but I can't tolerate players hiding behind agendas and their media friends. Its funny. There would be a rupture with players. Returning players who are overweight, who do not train properly and do not produce ... Shame on some players'.

The ex-United boss's outburst concerned a more general behavior of modern footballers who he says is 'very weak human beings'. Alan Schirer oversaw as a television commentator on the BBC, saying that 'these Manchester United players have stopped running for Mourinho.'

The picture does not disprove him. Pogba had 2 assists in previous 17 league games. In the only game with Solskier on the bench, he equaled that performance. Jesse Lingard was involved in 3 goals in Cardiff's game, while he was involved in 2 goals the entire previous season.

There were changes due to Solskier, though. The Norwegian preferred to play with the true strength of his squad, which are the extremely aggressive quality strikers, with the retreat and simultaneous promotion of Pogba neutralizing the opposing midfield. Mourinho preferred to do the same with his extreme backs, namely a left-handed right-back, Asley Young, and a left-back who has disappointed him in the past, such as Shaw.