Gossip bay …

The Earth is turning, the sun is coming out of the East and reigning in the West, the north is cold and the southern is dusty, Greece is a fun football history, and England is doing, making, producing and finally scouring it! These are, in my life, my friends!

England has made a monster march and has missed its coming home to be the big surprise of the new football world, which has been absent for decades. And then he made the Netions League an excellent way to reach the semifinals, where he claimed the Euro finals and the Euro ticket against the Netherlands. And before England. And somewhere there … became England! She drove them up, made two or three mistakes in just a few minutes, and gave the Netherlands the right to the Ayacuchs to make the backyard, to turn the match and to finish in the final against Portugal.

That’s what England always does. It’s not new, it’s just another case. If he gets drunk or self-dressed, he gets in, he does all the nuts, and as long as the corn is filled with milk, he goes all the way. Once filled for good and overflowing, she pulls a sulti and pours all the milk.

However, Saulgeit immediately declared, and before being the subject of a football spade, that he does not intend and will not change his football approach to the way his team operates. And let the guys fail. The experiences they gather will allow them even better rolls in the near future. There will be a batch of Garet’s bambits if they are built for big things or just a good batch of classical English who reach the source and break the cane … There, along with the missing yesterday Keen, Dele Ali, Tripper, etc. etc.

As for Greece? Our team? With Angelos in the general command go to one of the biggest games of the last decade, for a preliminary phase always talking. Against Italy. and here we are talking about a big game, the biggest one for years, just for a reason.

Greece after the Rehahankel miracle and 2004, after Santos, had for many years, for 10+ years, excellent draws. Not by chance, but because its huge successes secured entry into the powerful groups and played against Panchers, Squandra Azzurra and Furia, but in the worst case against equal opponents. Bosnia, Romania and Montenegro were our rivals. Greece was not the poor relative, it was the “behemoth” that took Belarus, Latvia, Estonia to its draws. Now you forget this and you play with the big, heavy papers of the European football for a qualification, for a second place. It suits you like football, the other is just an exaggeration. We lived above our capabilities, and they also say in political memoirs!

Now what do you want to make the gossip bay come back to that dud? You must hunt the miracle you had achieved against Spain in 2002-2003. And then you will get points that may bring you close to the sponge. To fight to make the re-entry to the top and to ensure good draws for grand prix events. And as long as you lose from Finns and Estonians, this is not the case!

Italy is not an easy obstacle, but if you want something above, it is necessary to overcome it. At least once. Otherwise, to go to the devil …

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