The new Undersecretary of Sport went on the field and saw Olympic 4-0 with Czech Victoria. The next day the 0-0 of AEK with Turkish Baseskiher. When his pickup suggested the tool he didn't miss the opportunity to tell his shit to the camera. That the government is close to football. That the Greek teams wish to move to Europe. You hear such childish jokes and you think it goes crazy.

What will I, the citizen, gain if the government is close to… football? Will I feel national pride if the Greek teams qualify for the European Cups? I was lost.

PAEs are public limited companies and what fish they catch in the championship and outside Greece only concerns their big shareholders and their clientele. Let us know what we are saying.

The government is acting politically, not with wishes. And the closer he is to football, the more he will always be out of the bay. In other words, it is politically unacceptable to "help" commercial companies that sell stadiums in empty stands anyway. To know what we are saying.

The state is not an enemy in football. PAEs continue to have parasitic behavior that needs the advance of the state. Finally! The state must clarify its relationship with the football shops. To stop harassing them, because they's supposedly serving… sports, representing Greece and offering discrimination. These pictures are from the pre-war era.

Of course, the government's interest is necessary for the economic development of football as well. The political intervention is necessary in order to consolidate the space in order for the business activity of the PAEs in the stadiums to affect the national economy. If, however, the government is close to football in order to treat the PAE as problematic companies, as Syriza did until the eve of the elections, then ND will bless the continuation of the morbidity, as most of the team bosses want.