The countdown…

The countdown for the Euro started! All eyes will be on the opening match at the Rome Olympique where Italy and Turkey will face each other.

UEFA asked the host countries for their plans to host at least a quarter of the stadium's capacity. The English Federation, with the support of its Government, has pledged to be ready thanks to a vaccination program. In fact, about 50% of the country's population has been vaccinated to date.

The speed of vaccinations and a big lockdown show that England is able to lift all its restrictions next summer.

The English Federation will first make a series of pilot sporting events, as informed by UEFA. It will be able to operate at a rate of 25% for the group stage and the games at Wembley with the aim of increasing the percentage as the event progresses. This means that 22.500 fans will be able to be on the field. Estimates state that for the semifinals and the final in June the percentage of fans may be at 50%. Wembley is one of eight stadiums that have approved their plans for the presence of people in the stands.

Russia has also announced its plans for 50%. About 30.000 people for the games in St. Petersburg, while the same number in Azerbaijan and the city of Baku. Budapest is 100% targeted at its facilities, although the death toll is higher than ever and has reached record levels in the country. UEFA clarifies that all criteria will be considered and there must be specific data.

Glasgow will have two games between Scotland and Croatia and the Czech Republic. It is expected to have 13.000 fans, ie a 25% stake in Hampden Park after the commitments of the Government of the country. Amsterdam, Bucharest and Copenhagen are working on a plan to have a 25% stake in their stadiums for the group stage matches.

The local authorities in Rome and Munich are committed to having people but the numbers and percentages will depend on how many have been vaccinated and the number of people who have been infected with the virus. Each organizer has his plans in which there will be tests and the use of applications for the safe presence of fans on the field.

"UEFA is pleased to announce the return of fans to the Euro 2020 stadiums. of the organizers.

Eight host countries have confirmed the percentage of fans at their stadiums based on their health assessments and an estimated improvement in these countries in June and July.

What is the list of 12 cities that will host matches in the EURO?

  • London, England (22.500)
  • Munich, Germany (number not specified)
  • Rome, Italy (number not specified)
  • Baku, Azerbaijan (34.000)
  • St. Petersburg, Russia (34.000)
  • Budapest, Hungary (67.000)
  • Bucharest, Romania (13.000)
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands (12.000)
  • Bilbao, Spain (not specified)
  • Glasgow, Scotland (13.000)
  • Dublin, Ireland (not specified)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (12.000)