BARCELONA, SPAIN - SEPTEMBER 12: Lionel Messi of Barcelona celebrates scoring his third goal with Ousmane Dembele of Barcelona and Luis Suarez of Barcelona during the UEFA Champions League Group D match between FC Barcelona and Juventus at Camp Nou on September 12, 2017 in Barcelona , Spain. (Photo by David Ramos / Getty Images)

Apostasy Messi…

First is football. First this and then the teams and the players. The performance on the court is not directed, its development is not controlled, and the outcome is independent of value and justice, based on the performance of the opponents. Yes, because in the game above is the ball, unpredictable and a whore, and then everything else, as it solemnly proved yesterday in Barcelona-Liverpool. Black turns black. And white, black.

A bad Barcelona won 3-0 (!!!) a good Liverpool. Is it? Done! The biggest player of our time, 32-time Argentine Messi had never scored against Liverpool and scored two goals yesterday. Liverpool had never lost on the Barcelona stadium and ate three yesterday.

Maybe for the first time in the last 40 years there was a game of 11 against 11, I mean with the full participation of both goalkeepers who played with ... feet. I note this to emphasize how close the two teams' frames were to the game. It featured full football action and kept the viewer breathless.

The pace of the Barça players, almost startled, began to unravel and they did not find themselves even after 1-0. What a goal! Suarez, formerly of Liverpool, had not scored in the 2018-19 champions league and while the English team pressed the Uruguayan Rottweiler had to pass the ball through the needle hole and open an account. Liverpool misses a chance to equalize and Barca do 2-0. When Messi took the ball from the ... beam and went into the net with her. Salah from a favorable position marked a bar. Mane, Liverpool's other great mega, missed the only opportunity.

3-0 was Messi's apostasy. Foul shot over the wall and the ball ends in the beam. Neither was Superman caught in the movie. And after the 3-0 Liverpool missed an opportunity to reduce.

A working man, a European football man, said it. That Barça deliberately, out of tactics, left the initiative to the opponent, in order to "open" him and thus facilitate their own scoring. Such an approach does not stand. The Catalan team was in a bad day! At times, even in the counter-attack, he was a nun, even with more players against you, only two defenders.

Whatever European football the show must go on…, as Queen Freddie Mercury of 1991 sang, the year it was decided to reorganize the championship cup and set up the most commercial champions league.