The predatory handle of the book…

Sabourogami is called him. The one who goes with the bad guy. The one not seen. I had a savory pear buddy from the neighborhood before we even had the khaki, and I didn't hide it that I envied him. Either because I was beautiful, bathy, and so tall, or because I had not yet gotten the air on the females, I had a chick as well, ten Thanos, the Soldier, the Sabourogami.

On the subject. You are a gambler. So what; Because you play, because you want to play, will you bet on games that drive you away? Let it be in the center of the news, as e.g. tomorrow's PAOK - Spartak. Are you approaching it? And with what backgrounds.

No problem being a savourogam. At the finale, she also mentions some unhappy and unhappy girl. Here we are talking about lump. For the outstretched and predatory hand of the buck. Please.

Who, in order to make cash, expected that PAOK would do 3-0 except playing defensively? No one, of course. And because the team triumphed in Basel, will Spartacus plunge into Tuba? In principle, PAOK will not play again taking care of its defense first, that is, as it suits the Russian team. Another game this game.

Because we're talking about forecasts ... after a holiday, I say that this 0-3 game in Basel itself might end with 1-0. A goal scored by the Swiss from the two phases they made in the PAOK area. Which PAOK had a terrific defense function on the other hand, Basil in her agony of scoring left many open spaces.

Who would have thought that the first player on the field would be Limnios. That PAOK would catch three "lucky" goals. In the 7th minute, a surprise from the unmarked stopper Varelas. From an assist by Paschalakis and with one (!) Of Prijovic the 2 - 0. And 3 - 0 with a shot by El Kantouri at the goalkeeper without visibility.

Advice. If you want to save the game for these two teams well, wait for the ... revenge. Don't have patience until Tuesday?