The ball has decided ...

Football won. That's what happened. Which football, that is, which game they called "king of sports" many years ago, in the era of his infancy. So is. If we compare it with football as it has developed today and has dominated the social life of all the peoples of the earth.

Huge victory, they say, after Liverpool's unprecedented 4-0. Epic overthrow of Barcelona's 3-0. Incredible qualification of the English team. Only a Liverpool can do that. Only at Anfield are such unforgettable accomplishments. And others that suit the occasion, but they do not bring out the great Truth of rematch between footballers with Barcelona and Liverpool jerseys.

The ball was won yesterday at Liverpool. This same game with the two specific opponents was comfortably finished and 5-0, as well as 3-1 or 2-2, even 2-3. The ball decided as she liked it. This is the truth.

A punch in the kick and the ball would end up out of reach for the goalkeeper, who did not hit effectively, so that the round could reach an opponent and send it to the knitter. One tenth of a second before he was in the other goalkeeper's position, and just three degrees from his body slanting when shooting an opponent, the goal would have been a fact.

Let's not say much. It is unrealistic to say that Liverpool deserved the victory. Of course, it was worth it. She did not win, however, as the other team was not excluded. The ball in the football game gives the big interpretation because the gods and the religions were born. Because history has dealt more with kings and pirates than it deserves. Because the greatest minds ever born, with the first Greek philosophers, Socrates and Aristotle, recognized and worshiped demons and other "divine forces" that in any case affect everyday life, and they are the ones who decide the future.