The boot of nonsense…

In the headlines of the English press and other European countries, Bulgarian football has been unfortunately for the Balkans for all the wrong reasons! It is also quite unlikely and striking that a country that has managed to bring in major players in the recent past has now fallen so low.

For a decade or so, he has not even appeared in European football with players such as Berbatov (Tottenham, M. United etc.), Stylian Petrov (Celtic, Aston Villa etc.), Martin Petrov who played as M.Sty. Valerie Bozinov who then went to Juventus. Today, worst of all, there are no promising talents in Bulgarian football that choke under her. boot of the platform truth, plus!

Perhaps the greatest talent in Bulgaria right now is Cyril Despotov, who was acquired by Cagliari last year for 4. million euros and after playing all four games this year he loaned him to Sturm Graz to get a match and find his way.

And speaking of Bulgaria, we are talking about a country that can boast that it has given European football some of the most important players, such as Stoichkov, Asparuchov, Berbatov, Emil Konstantinov, and even our own. Today this school has been settling down! So are her teams!

Bulgaria's big clubs are now owned by wealthy owners, many with a dark past and worst of all, with no experience of how football works. They do not have the knowledge of the path to follow in order to re-create great footballers. Maybe they don't even care.

The quality of the domestic championship has fallen far short and the only moments of entertainment offered to the fans usually come from some good foreign players. Along with the opportunity now, in the wake of the Soviet era of technological shortages, which Bulgarians have had to watch every other weekend, other countries, high-level ball from foreign championships, factors that have brought about a large reduction in the stadiums.

All this, what does all of this have to do with the things that were so shameful and embarrassing in Bulgaria-England last week? They certainly have! In order to understand the reason why violence has increased in recent years and has driven away the vast majority of stadiums. Since, as in other countries, financial problems have angered the youth, as a result, many who do not even have the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge find it difficult to grasp certain human values, such as equality and tolerance!

The problem will not be solved by UEFA's punishment of Bulgaria, as the problem of violence in Albania or Serbia has not been resolved after years of campaigning for episodes with the flags flying over the court. Many countries in Greece, such as Greece, are facing similar problems. And these are NOT solved by VAR and ban on fan movements. And the sooner Bulgarians, Greeks, Europeans finally realize this, the better…