The Championship goes to our cashier…


Hello my friends,

And today there is action in England's stadiums, and in particular in the Championship stadiums, where once again great games are being played and we suggest a trio to send you a ... cashier.

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In the Bristol game against Hull the home side is not something special, but they come from a big win inside the Brentford headquarters, something that definitely gave them psychology and filled them with confidence. Hull, on the other hand, has a month to go and with its hectic presence so far, it is unlikely to save the league, while it has many absences.

Leeds has fallen competitively and I think it is the right time for an "outburst" against the tail of the Ipswich standings and I think that the fact that it is playing at home, I do not think it will be difficult to win.

In Bolton's game with Nottingham, I think the home side will be able to put in their pace as they have over seven matches and since both teams are mid table, I find it difficult to see many goals in this one. game.


Bristol - Hull
Leeds - Ipswich
Bolton - Nottingham

Under 2.5