The joy of the cookies…


Carmanola the Europa League matches at this stage of the competition (1th round) teams that are completely unknown to the general football public are involved in what it means ... in other words the joy of the buck.

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Here are the main choices:

# Given that Laci is obliged to look for a goal will leave gaps behind… at market prices Anorthosis's 'double' - having a superior play - took the lead in Cyprus (2-1) has never been ruled out at this stage. of organization.

# Fluent first match score in Hungary (1-1) leaves accounts open for today's rematch, but Maccabi seems to have a better tempo with official games on his feet ... difficult to get away with Tel Aviv's Ferenc.

# In the press Inter Baku runs 5 unbeaten match in qualifiers urgently called to turn 4-1 of the first match in Malta ... the third reason in the match Balzan.


Laci - Anorthosis
Maccabi TA - Ferencvaros
Inter Baku - Balzan