The power of the ball ...

Football is the most popular thing in the world. The ball carries the soul of the poor, the oppressed, the laborer, the anonymous man of the lower social class. This truth of football does not change because the game has become a multinational product, it has won over the downtrodden.

The 19 time champions of the world champion 2018 France will not even touch the euro from his personal bonus, more than half a million. The whole package was already available for charity.

I also don't forget the Turkish move, with German citizen Mesut Ozil (photo) giving the Gaza Strip kids all his prize as a world champion in the 2014 world. This was not charisma, a conventional charity, it was a slap in the face, a debauched cuff in the world.

From 300.000 he had taken every player in Germany by winning the World Cup in Brazil. And Arsenal's football player sent them thousands of dollars to Palestine.

Those who spoke out about Ozil's policy were out and out. No, gentlemen. It's the decision of an ace of the ball who never forgets who he was born to, who he was before he became a footballer. Yes, it is still happening today, even by stalwart and coarse-grained individuals who hold personal memory sensitivities from years of family bias, poverty, and hostility.

The power of the ball. The power of the popular soul. Write where there is no ink against the force against the force, as the lesson of the equals or the musketeers teaches this lesson in the colleges of the West. And the sovereignty against the domination that technocrats wield in the temples of the golden boys.