during the Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and Leicester City at The Hawthorns on April 29, 2017 in West Bromwich, England.

The first floor seats…


Hello my friends,

10 is in the English Premier League and Scottish Premiership, and there is also a game of the 10 Racing (again) at the Scottish Championship, with the seats having the first say in the matches we have chosen and we hope to share our winnings.

Southampton and Newcastle are two teams that will "fight" for their place in the category, but the hosts believe that they have the first say in the victory, mainly due to the headquarters, but also the prehistory, as Newcastle has to "taste" ”The joy of victory since 2004. Also the guests continue for nine games not to have won.

Watford comes from a big win at Wolves headquarters (0-2). Huddersfield on the other hand is a team that has not managed to win nine games. The two teams have a big difference in quality and ... seventh place 19 hosts and guests, while Watford has the advantage of home.

Leicester believe I am a better team than West Ham, where they are fighting for King Power. The visitors also have several player names on the absentee, which makes their mission even more difficult, with the hosts wanting to return to victory after two consecutive defeats.

St. Johnstone and St. Mirren are two teams that would reasonably play both in the league's play-out, just St. Johnstone fights at home and comes from the very big double against Motherwell. They are also a better team, as the two teams are separated by seven points.

Kilmarnock are still in a great state, coming from four consecutive wins and struggling against Hamilton, who come after three consecutive defeats, being a much worse team than the hosts, who do not think they will have a problem getting the win.

In the Scottish Championship, Queen of South is a team that will claim its entry into the playoffs, as opposed to Falkirk, which is in last place with just one win over Aloa (before last scoring) and if so I believe it will hardly be avoided.

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Southampton - Newcastle
Watford - Huddersfield
Leicester - West Ham



St. Johnstone - St. Mirren
Kilmarnock - Hamilton
Queen of the South - Falkirk