The arrival of Aywain…

Eden Azar competing with Kane, De Hea, Kandé for the best player of the last three years in the Premier League is good enough to do it all. In almost every game his performances are impressive while the last two months the equation was simple: if Azar is strong, Chelsea wins! As the British point out, playing Azar as a "liar" is like using a Ming jar to put markers and pencils there.

The Belgian is not completely confused by the role, but he tends to reduce his ability to take the ball deeper and cause breaks in the opponent's defense. Of course, at the moment he is the Blue's most dangerous striker, as Morata is one foot away from Stamford Bridge, while Giroux remains… plan B. This was the biggest change to Mauricio Sari's short tenure at Stamford Bridge, more important also from the changes of the hafes, where Kante is now box to box and Zorzinio playmaker.

We have become accustomed to Premier League coaches putting in extraordinary weight, Tottenham in Caine, Liverpool in Salah, City in Aguero. So moving the best player into an unfamiliar and uncomfortable position is brave. He had also played with Conte last year as a "bogeyman" against Brighton (4-0), but it was a temporary measure and not designed to stay. The team… was screaming for a pure-blooded replacement to replace Morata.

Higuain has repeatedly played for the Blues and is now highly likely to reach London from Milan. There are many questions about Argentina's transfer to Blue! We can assume that Azar would be very pleased with this move. He prefers to play left and right on the pivot and create. In October the Belgian had sent Zirou away, sending a message to Sari that he wanted a strong shot at attacking the team.

At Ethniki she enjoys collaborating with Loukakou! When Chelsea acquired Surrey, they committed themselves to a long-term plan because the Blue were fascinated by Italian philosophy. Having taken over the Londoners, she began to shape her team and her style to match her beliefs.

In attack, philosophy encompasses a quick one-two pass on the last third of the pitch that pulls out the defenders. It puts them out of position, creates spaces and so quickly moves out of phase. 2015-2016 Napoli with Ivain finished 2 behind Juventus and got 82 points. However, Sari developed the team after selling Argentina to Juventus.

2017 / 18 Napoli scored 92 points in the championship. He was attacked by Insigne, Cayegon and Mertens. The production of football offensively was tremendous. It is not difficult to see how Azar in Chelsea is that it was Mertens in Napoli who had 61 goals in the league and several assists in the last two seasons with Surrey. Despite doubts about his role since joining Chelsea, Azar has made a double in goals and assists while we are halfway through January. Interestingly none of the eight midfielders or strikers who played 35 or more in all of Napoli's 2017-2018 competitions were tall.

The other big teams with such a record are City and Liverpool. It is the offensive tactic based on possession and movement of the ball over physical fitness and strength. The front overhead with Cande, Zorzinio, Kovasic, Wallian, Pedro and Azar does not exceed 175 cm. Moving with Higuain on this offensive Sari logic may be a little strange. It is estimated that the Italian will slightly differentiate his tactics for Argentina, while he said that it was not his choice to sign Pulisic.

Azar are very interested in Real, while the Blues on the other hand want to keep the Belgian until June considering it is in the interest of Sari and the team. Chelsea, once it believes in and trusts Sari's racing vision and plan, must continue to operate according to faces ...