The return of the Premier League ...


Hello my friends,

The Premier League returns after stopping for a few days after the stoppage time to host the FA Cup, while in Scotland, we will be back to the Championship again, as there is no Premiership this week.

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Leicester welcome Southampton to a game where there is a clear favorite and this is the home side, as if the exclusion in the cup, which was not very interesting is the truth and the defeat by Cardiff, they are in pretty good shape, in contrast with guests who are having a bad year and are in the relegation zone and specifically in the 18 position.

Brighton's game with Liverpool may seem easy for Klopp's team, but it certainly won't be. This is because the home side is not a negligible quantity, as they are 13s, while Liverpool may be the first, but they certainly lost in psychology after losing to Manchester City in the FA Cup derby and Wolves. I believe that the guests will win, but this victory will be very difficult and… marginal.

There is not much to be said about the game between Chelsea and Newcastle. Much better team Chelsea, it must be a… miracle, for Newcastle to leave Stamford Bridge with good results.

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In Scotland now a difficult home match for Ross County at the Queen Of South headquarters. I believe it will be easy or difficult for the champion to win despite losing to Morton in the previous race, as it is very difficult to… get a second consecutive result.

The same is true for the next game between Invernes and AYR. The two teams are split into four places and the second of the AYR standings, which also lost to Folkierk in the previous match and even at home, is almost unlikely to lose for a second consecutive game.

With Dundee United playing against Dunfermlin, I think the home side of the home side will certainly play a bigger role, but they will be thirsty for the win, keeping it close to the top of the standings and not wanting to in no way thinking about it ... gellas.


Leicester - Southampton
Brighton - Liverpool
Chelsea - Newcastle

2 & Under 2.5


QOS - Ross County
Invernes - AYR
Dundee Utd - Dunfermlin