Frank… the return!

Chelsea, friends and colleagues said before 15 years ago, is the Panionios of England. A historic, decent group, a great neighborhood of the capital. This. And nothing more. When it was bought by Russian Croissant Roman Abramovich, Chelsea had a title to show, 50 years ago. And many wondered why a member of the Russian oligarchy would spend his francs in a bucket without a foot. In a team that's not Manchester or Liverpool, it's not even Arsenal. Yet…

In his early years in Chelsea, Abramovich dreams of making his team out of Chelsea, Chelsea rested them on a ... human dragon. José Mourinho and Frank Lubbard are among them. The flagship coach on Chelsea's return to the premiership throne and the team's leader and flag. And as life goes on, Labard, having now moved to the edge of the bench, has returned to Chelsea as a manager now!

Roman Abramovich took it ... personally, they say in England, so he phoned the club's former racing legend and current coach to persuade him to accept his offer to leave Derby County and return to " Stamford Bridge. " But Frankie didn't say yes without thinking, like another Lemon. No. Lampard set conditions to take charge of Chelsea! And among the terms they discussed with Abramovich was the credit given to the Russian tycoon for at least two seasons to make the team the way he wants it. It's not a fool's saber, the veteran Ace of Blue in contact with Chelsea Abramovich didn't just ask for a timeout, the Russian GUARANTEED that he would stay on the bench for at least two years! And that, when you are a coach the day before and your other one offers you a place in one of England's top 2-3 teams over the last 20 years, it's a matter of course! No; Lubbard just saw Sari's path, and in order not to be consumed by the boss's appetites, he put terms and guarantees! Frankie does not start as a poor relative on the benches, but as a LABARD!

And with the consent of Lampard, the Czech returned to Chelsea. Not at 22, of course, when he was by far the most promising goalkeeper and Jose gave him a basic jersey. No. At the age of 38 and immediately after his last year in active action. But "Chelsea" and Lampard are now building something that Chelsea did not have. They build a climate of trust that whoever is with us is not lost. That here when you come in and become a legend, you are part of a family, you always have a place with us, you are a member of history and not a team. As Real keeps its legends close to it, as United and Liverpool build stories, so does Chelsea.

So Czech will be a factor in the game. Along with his former team-mate, Lambert. And 38, the world's once-leading golfer, will take on the role of consultant in the technical part of the image and performance of the "blue". He will now be in Cobham, Chelsea's training center, to work alongside Abramovic's general manager and right hand, Marina Granovskaia, and will be present at all the team's games where he can always sharing his thoughts with Chelsea's coach! No hat, cooperation!

With Lampard returning to the bench, the Czech to the production team, apparently other stars will soon be used accordingly. I don't know if these will be the ones we've known as integral members of the brand that rebuilt the brand, some of Deco, Cole, Duff, Carvalho, Drogba, Terry and Crespo, but Chelsea is definitely going to build a fairytale around her hell, a tradition.