Attacks make the difference (TAMEIO - 6.16)

Asian bet

Good evening,

Friendly clashes all over the world are taking place these days, with the interest being great, as there are many points that we believe can lead us to the fund.


Too much improved and certainly more aggressive is Spain with Luis Enrique on the bench, which is also evident from her impressive win against 6-0 against Croatia in her last match. Today, he will face Wales in a friendly match, which is also a good team, finding many ways to send the ball into the opposing net. An open match is expected with goals from both teams.

Colombia has a very good team, which will also face the US in a friendly match. America's national team also has a very good team. Both teams are expecting to play without a win, looking for a goal. Therefore Over 2.5, which is offered at very good prices is worth the risk.

For the Nations League, Romania will face Lithuania at home. Romania is made up of young and talented players, while Lithuania has a moderate roster. The Romanians have two draws so far in their group and have the chance of their first win, with the Lithuanians coming from two consecutive defeats.


Lithuania - Romania
Wales - Spain
USA - Colombia