The next day …

The next day in Barcelona is full of uncertainty and questions. It seems, however, a little more optimistic, since Bartomeu is missing from the main image…

The news of Bartomeu's resignation hit the football team in Turin while the players were having dinner at the hotel. Surprise and approval were the dominant reactions, as players believe that the departure of the president will set the tone for the next three months, within which a date for the elections should be set.

The club now passes into the hands of a management that does not have the ability to make key decisions, other than those that will help in its smooth daily life, and will be chaired by Carles Tuskets, a well-known banker who in 1978, just 27 years old years, was the first treasurer under the presidency of Joseph Younis Nunieth.

Potential candidates were greeted with rave reviews at the end of the Bartomeu era, and Emily Rousseau will contact several of them, seeking a joint candidacy, with the consent of a larger number of members.

Juan Laporta, the club's president in 2003, and Victor Font, who has agreed with Xavi to be the "flag" of his project, are currently the favorites in a race that will only have … runners who manage to collect 5.506 signatures of members (5% of 110.332 members, ie), in order to be considered officially candidates.