The equation of loosers!

They say that in football and sports in general - and in life perhaps - there is always a second chance. For some and a third. And for a favorite of the vast majority of soccer fans, there may be a fourth!

Gigi Buffon, in his 41 year now, has had three chances so far to make the dream come true and lift the Champions League mug. All three left the field with their heads bowed. Milan, Barca and Real have been doing the same for Juve and Gigi, who, while considered by many to be the best goalkeeper of their generation, are among the players with the most missed Champions League final.

His football history could include many more titles if 2006 did not choose to follow Juventus in the second division, having just won the World Cup and the title of best goalkeeper in the world! But he remained, though he could have won more money and cups, chose to claim the position of absolute symbol in Vecchia Siniora's story.

Gigi has now moved to 41 in Paris and last week made a double in the United Double 0-2 in England. He thus claims the right to play a quarter final in a few months from now. Trying to fix the story ie!

The right one for the 4 finals, is looking for another great one. Not a football player, but a club! Atletico Madrid have played three Champions League finals (2014, 2016 and 1974 in the former champions) but football history has not paid off its debt. It remains untitled and its trainer, Cholo Simone, carries it heavy. And while everyone was expecting to leave Atletico to capitalize on the mammoth contract that led to the team's success, Argentina stayed, perhaps to try to get this infamous fourth chance with the Rohiblancos!

Of course, both Buffon's effort that has already started and Atletico's tonight's finish line is not an easy project. They are already facing them, but they will also find huge opponents later. And if for Paris and Jeezy the first bet seems to be won by excluding United, Atleti's will be a mountain. You have to fly off Juve. Juve no longer has Buffon, but has Atletico's slayer in its previous finals. Lunar Ronaldo!

Whatever the case, Juventus can also be described as the institution's "loser" team, having competed in five finals since 1996 to date, winning only one (96 in Rome). Whatever the record with seven second places in the competition! She is now the first top scorer in the history of the competition and is looking for justification, even if she has to exclude or face her "own" Gizi in the final.

In this equation of lasers, one, two or none can win. All three, it doesn't ...