"Inter is back."

At the end of June at Inter they were excited about the sold out tickets, which was a reason for the fans to be excited. From the return to the Champions League, from the transcribed moves, from the improvement to the financial track, from the willingness of the Chinese to seriously invest in making plans for the future. Four months later, the climate remains festive thanks to the mistake of Gigio Donaruma, Mauro Ikardi's head of the winning streak, in the confirmation that they did well in the summer and were looking forward to the start of the season ...

Built on solid foundations.

Milan's win at derby della Madonnina is a result that will play a big part in the sequel, according to Luciano Spalletti. And let it be too early, as Massimiliano Alegri and Carlo Ancelotti say, possibly because they both have confidence in their team, they know what they have in their hands, what they have to manage. Spalletti, of course, also has confidence in his roster, but he knows his team is not yet firmly built, he knows there is still work to be done, he knows every win, even if we are still in October has more weight, in a good sense, for his team than what is happening in Turin or Naples. And it makes sense.

The scudetto case is open.

The return to the Champions League obviously put a positive sign on Nerazzurri last season, but it didn't ... and put a dot in the phrase "Inter is back". This is something that will have to be confirmed this year and for this to happen the Milan need not win the title. Since Sunday night and after winning the Rossoneri, the Italian press - which is constantly seeking arguments to support the view that the scudetto affair is a joy to open - presents Inter as the 3 champion of the championship, as the underdog. can chase Juventus or at least overtake Napoli. Can any of them be done? It can. Even if that doesn't happen, it won't be a failure for Nerajuri.

No7 goals for Icardi this year.

Beneamata was not built to win the title this year. It was built to be better than last year, to beat first… itself, to take the step forward to convince everyone that they are definitely on the right track. Beyond that, when it will reach the end of the road (championship), is a summer debate. Until then there is time and in Milan, at least on his side, they can claim that he is working for them, that they have made him their ally. As is the case at the time of the match, as Ikardi's goal at 92 minute of the derby was NO7 this year from 75 ′ and then, a performance that is the best of Serie A. And a performance that is even better if we count and the crazy turnaround with Tottenham to come up with a victory that showed from that moment - and is repeatedly confirmed - that it changed the course of the team.

Fino alla fine.

Inter's 7 goals in the last 15 minutes of the match and the five victories that have come in the same period, show two things: Good physical condition and faith until the end. Fino alla fine, as the. Enemy Juventus would say. Those who are far from financially or economically, but also those who are the target of the Chinese of Suning, who have put the amount of 2016 million euros in the club since 478. We are not talking about transfers, we are talking about money that went to share capital increases, to debt repayment, to "loans" to the club to have liquidity.

People and brand name

According to Calcio & Finanza, Inter typically owes 227 million to its major shareholders but essentially owes nothing. These 478 million euros so far or discussions with the municipality about Giuseppe Meazza on how to finally make this commercially / financially feasible, are in themselves proof that Jiang Jingong and his son they haven't seen it as a… plaque or a craze to buy shares of an Italian team with history, titles, people and brand name. And because they haven't seen it as fun, the time will come for their (transcriptional) madness.

It reminds Inter again

Until then, they have managed to fill the roster to a much greater degree - or better - than last year, have given coach support, earned points in UEFA ratings as the last review of the Financial Fair Play issue showed last year. , have managed to significantly increase their revenue from Asia, have managed to present a team that shows, whether racing or scoring, is moving properly. And because they have done so, tonight they will enjoy the atmosphere at Meazza for the big game with Barcelona. The first after the semifinals of 2010.

Then, it was an Inter that was left to take the final step to conquer everything and close its circle. Now, it's an Inter that resembles Inter again and this is the first good step for the bases to open, as soon as possible, a new cycle ...

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