Liverpool derby ...


Hello my friends,

Great day for English football, since there is a big derby between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield.

Liverpool - Manchester United with bet return *, enhanced performance * and live alerts.

Brighton may have dropped out of their last league standings in the last few seasons, but that may be even better for Chelsea, as the hosts are no longer anxious and the hosts have an upward spiral after the win over Manchester City. and want the win, to stay close to the top two places in the standings.

In Southampton's game with Arsenal there is a clear favorite and this is Arsenal because it expands the incredible series of 15 games without defeat and has been through its best season for many years and also the two teams have a great quality difference as the hosts are located on 19η position, while the visitors are fourth in line with Chelsea and two points behind Tottenham in third place.

In Liverpool's big derby with Manchester United, there is a clear favorite and that is Liverpool. Mostly for the sporting behavior he shows on the pitch, as he is the only team so far to be undefeated in the league having all the background to win this year's title after so many years and also struggling at Anfield and Liverpool when playing at Anfield has always the first reason and also the face-to-face guests who have shown so far in the league show that they are very different from the home side.


Brighton - Chelsea
Southampton - Arsenal
Liverpool - Man. United