The Magic Trinity… (FUND - 2,59)


World Cup… group phase.

Don't overdo it ... Portugal, Uruguay and Spain the magic trinity pays 2,50 plus and will be honored properly.

# Fixed on 4-4-2 Fernando Santos will make a number of changes to the Decade he knows how to handle the situation, with Ronaldo saying a cucumber doesn't bring spring ... heavy climate in Morocco after cold weather at 95 sub-normal conditions ends without a grade in the group.

# Uruguay wants a win by goal difference in the event that it ranks Russia first in the group, has the tools to do so Cavani and Suarez will get a job early ... without the goal of the price Saudi Arabia will be back on the plane.

# Iran's drumming system goes for two results hoping to qualify for the 16 event… there is certainly a difference of class and dynamic one-way wins for Spain easily or difficult to find.


Portugal - Morocco
Uruguay - Saudi Arabia
Iran - Spain