Shamrock Waterford and others…


Hello my friends,

Three laps before the end of the Irish championship and the only ones interested in the "marathon" were Shamrock and Waterford, whose only goal is the third place that leads to the Europa League of the new season.

For the 34 race St. Patrick 's welcomes Shamrock and we stress what we said in the introduction. The hosts are indifferent to the game, with the visitors playing all year long in these three remaining matches and will do their best to win.

In the game between Cork City and Limerick there is no interested team, just the home side is a much better team than the hosts, which is testament to the rating (Cork second and Limerick ninth) with Cork also playing at home. and wants to thank her fans for the beautiful year, although she ultimately failed to win the championship.

Waterford face champions Dundalk, who are expected to tour in the last few games, unlike the home side who play at home and are "burning" for the victory that will bring them closer to the exit to Europe, for the new match. period.


St. Patrick 's- Shamrock R.
Cork City - Limerick
Waterford - Dundalk