The undercover clash


The 8O group is now facing the two teams that made the surprise of the first competition and defeated the group's theoretical favorites to qualify. The Senegalese showed all those elements that characterize a classic West African team, but the appearance of the Japanese was really unexpected, though Colombia was left with fewer players from the start. I don't see what can be done between them apart from the obvious goal / s.

I do not expect England to meet much resistance from Panama. However, they will probably try to get the win by wasting as few forces as possible to put everything in the derby with Belgium judging first. I predict the English will be ahead of the half. Also given that the Panamanians are playing very loud (they got 5 yellow with Belgium) and the penalties in this World Cup are very often hammered, I dare suggest that the English will score a penalty kick.


England - Panama
Japan - Senegal

G / G


England - Panama

England to score a penalty