The fruit of millions ...

Three banners were posted at the Liverpool match at Anfield for the Champions League by Liverpool fans expressing dissatisfaction with ticket prices. And this is not the first time. In the match against AEK at OAKA for the group, Bayern's friends had again complained about expensive tickets and repeated it again in the Liverpool England clash.

To understand what is going on, the Bavarians posted three banners in Anfield that read: "Offshore tickets: Liverpool 48 pounds, Bayern 55 euros"! In the second they said, "Greed has no limits" by replacing some letters with euro and pound signals, while the third wrote: "20 is enough" to say that tickets had to cost 20 euros! And this is what the Germans say.

Imagine a Laos shouting out one of Europe's most well-paid, what the Italians and the Greeks should take twice as much as the Germans. If the Germans do not have to pay for an 50-60 ticket, what would the others say.

I remember when I went to European matches, sports or business trips, the usual amount was 60 euros. Not the expensive, regular ticket. And the cheapest is at least one 40ari. And we are not talking ahead. I have my little ones. We're talking about 15 years ago in Belgium and Spain, in Camp Nou and Vadensstock, in Haiburi and in Olympic!

For Basta, OK, "the widows are crying, and the wives are crying" are the Germans who make a sham when they pay an 50 Euro ticket, but when their own agents are squeezing their other guests, "it's Wednesday afternoon and it doesn't matter" But for a moment.

Football has been loved by the world, by millions of fans around the globe just because it expressed the poorest levels of social stratification. How, then, did we come from poverty and poverty, from the Peledes and the Gardines, from the favelas and beaches of Rio, to football that represented glitter, aristocracy, wealth and all that?

For one, be sure to answer to UEFA and FIFA. That this fruit of millions and the turn of football into wealth and endless millions will ripen, ripen, and then fall and leave the tree dry. This is always the case. After summer, clouds and tubal follow.

And they have to make sure that the game returns to its roots if they want to see it live long, otherwise if it gets away from the millions of poor people who adore it, the coarse-grained ones will have another chance to eat their money and their football. the large mass of the fans have turned their backs, it will remain dry like a tree that has fallen on its last fruit ...