The Balkans in the spotlight ...


Return to European competitions slowly after the World Cup. Today the Balkans will monopolize our interest:

New Shines from Wales do not seem to have the background to threaten Scotland. The first match in Tetovo was one-sided and the teams were dominant with 5-0. Today guests have no chance to relax or make changes to one and want to set up the team for the next European matches. We will probably see a second victory for the team from Macedonia. (North?) Macedonia.

In Skopje, Scoop hosts Rangers in the rematch of Glasgow's 2-0. It is true that Gerrard has built an ambitious team that wants to reach at least the clubs, but on the one hand, Jerseys still do not inspire much confidence and on the other hand the Scorpians score a lot at home. I expect an open match with goals on either side, probably with the Scottish qualification.

In Sofia Lefsky has been involved since her defeat in Liechtenstein and will have a hard time qualifying. In any case, I think the Bulgarians are more experienced than Vaduz and at least they will win.


The New Saints
Skopje - Rangers
Levski - Vaduz

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