The violence of the fans ...

From the Tavernier wood to the Birmingham fan's jerseys to Aston Villa's Jack Grillis. The island returns to the black days of the episodes. Those who lived in the '80 decade saw this 90's reforms change everything, killing every trace of violence, yet 30 years after the nightmares on the Island come to life, the ghosts return and the English are anxious for the future. Birmingham has seen the most worrying incident of the new wave disorder. The attack on Grillis was a miserable moment in many respects, but even more alarming was the fact that Villa's fan was dismissed by a crowd of fans! It had preceded the attack on the Rangers leader, arresting a fan for invading the Emirates. Wild clashes, fan injuries, wear and tear on the rise have sparked concern.

The apocalypse of violence and its ever-increasing visibility, the depersonalization of relationships, social uneasiness, the rupture of the social fabric, competition, the apocalypse of individual achievement and a course without visions and aspirations are key reasons young people in England go beyond limits! Nightmares are taking place with daily knife attacks on minors in the UK. Since the beginning of 2019, 17 people have lost their lives in such incidents in the United Kingdom.

There has been an increase in violence in the last two years. The problem of hooliganism now moves far enough from the stadiums and sometimes after the football matches and this creates problems. It is certain that what is happening now is nothing like what people are referring to when they talk about the dark days of the 70, when hundreds of fans were fighting each other. Now the groups of troublemakers have become much more complex and even more organized. Defeat, rejection, "injustice" in football are gaining weight for all those who experience these emotions. "An 14 weeks prison sentence, as happened to a Birmingham fan, was a good start. The sight of… incompetent, seemingly confused men and women with jackets trying to confront ruthless fans is a very clear sign of abusive resources.

The most aggressive, interventionist protection can only be provided by properly educated people. It seems clear now that this is not happening. Security resources need to be strengthened both in crowd control and during races. Football clubs must be punished for offenses committed at their premises. The penalties from the teams are no longer severe, the rate of bans on the pitch is reduced, and the arrests for episodes are not increasing. At the same time Birmingham itself has suffered in recent years. This is a place where 37% of children live in poverty, where crime has soared.

This is the first time fans' violence is directed at players. Back in the dark days of hooliganism, the crowd fought the… crowd. This is different. Now it seems that the target is the famous players, the ones who make a lot of money from football. Most are geared towards the bigger and more visible goals.