Zaglebee puts on and eats ...


Good morning my friends. Monday's coupon is small and with few opportunities. These 3 matches I have set for today:

In Poland, Zaglebee's sky has begun to meet with the change of coach and today hosts the mighty Jagelonia chasing the champion title. Anyway, the home team plays wide open and has scored 11 / 13 goals / goals while Jagelonia has scored in all its games away from Bialystok. The teams have different goals but have scored the same number of goals and I can easily expect another challenge.

In the Netherlands, Jong Eindhoven has 9 / 11 overs and 10 / 11 goals / goals. Welcomes Den Bos to an informal derby, who is in full form with 5 series wins and chases the rise. Eindhoven's youngsters have no right to climb and are chasing the informal title of the best youth team while the winning side will reach a shot from the top. I see a lot of goals.

In Larnaca, New Salamina coming from 3 series of zero-pass wins welcomes Glory to be deprived of her first (and championship) top scorer of the 8 of her total 12 goals. It is easy or difficult to expect the hosts to prevail.


Zaglebie - Jagiellonia
Jong Eindhoven - Den Bosch
Nea Salamina - Doxa

G / G