Life goes on… (FUND - 3,33)


Hello my friends,

After the end of the World Cup, life goes on and the Irish Championship, it has caught fire and there is a lot of anxiety.

A derby at the Bohemians headquarters, with Bray not showing that he cannot stand up to the circumstances of this year's championship, with the two teams having 10 points difference, with Bray alone in the last.

UCD as a pioneer, I think it will be easy or difficult for him to get the win, against the famous Galway, who will fight equally, but a little bit of prime air, a little bit of the home side's advantage, I don't think they will can get something from this game.

It's time for St. Patrick's to be "reborn competitively, against the penultimate Limerick. After seven consecutive defeats, there is no room for another gel, as if he continues at this pace, it is very likely that he will get involved in adventures, something he would not want in any of the cases.


Bohemians - Bray
UCD - Galway
St. Patrick's - Limerick