Golgotha ​​specialty…

As of today, August 17, 1986, Marcus Berg was born. The born goal scorer. Because in the game he pays the goal, it gives the result, the one who has the specialty of scorer is more than a footballer. Everyone is a footballer, the goal scorer is… goal scorer. Berg in the four years he worked at Panathinaikos scored only 92 goals in a total of 145 matches. Only, because if the post-shareholder Panathinaikos, in the time of the Swede (2013-17), was a regular Panathinaikos, it would certainly have scored many more goals.

Olympiacos was to take him. The transfer did not take place, the Swede signed for a Russian team and luck brought him to be an opponent of Olympiacos. This, of course, he does not understand, the believer does not want to understand. They call him a fan and φί "fan" the faithful, the eternal faithful of his team. That the player is a professional, as the team is a company, both sides look after their own interests.

So, the football player in the 5-10 years that will make the most francs of his career, as long as he lasts, a total of 10-15 years, will need to change employer, and with it… a fan podium. To raise his hands to celebrate with a different jersey. And the people on the field to feel his own, especially when the player kisses the team badge on the cloth above the body.

Vazha. Another silent transcript of Panathinaikos that came from the north, like Berg's, was not at the airport. Poland's Kristoff is the team's first scorer in league play in history. Here, by the way, the relevant list:

1. Vasquez 244 goals in 15 years.
2. Antoniadis 180, in 11 years.
3. Dominant 134, 19 years.
4. Saravakos 128, 11 years.
5. Eleftherakis 85, 12 years.
6. Papaemannouil 79, 11 years.
7. Liberopoulos 72, 7 years.
8. Berg 70, 4 years.

Marcos Berg started in the local team of his area, at the age of 16 with his older brother as a teammate. He then played in the Swedish Gothenburg and Groningen and went to Hamburg and Eindhoven, from where he happened to end up at Panathinaikos. It is a matter of luck, of course, for an unknown football player who made a splash in Greece. We say luck more than selective choice, because Marcos was not firm and prickly in his financial demands. He made the solid rubble when he took them from the Arab Al Ain, "fugitive" from Panathinaikos. And the vassals called him a traitor. He betrayed the clover on his chest, not God, the evangelist Mark, his homeland, his wife, all of you.

"King Marcus" with his 60 appearances in the Swedish national team is a goal scorer. This means that the goal smells. That he will score half the chance. Center forward with mobility, not bastakas, user on both legs. The executor. Disadvantage of the nerves. He loses his concentration, and on the other hand, his opponents have taken him by surprise and are holding him back.

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