Ikardi, Caine… the birds (FUND - 3,06)


CL group phase ... part one.

Respect for the Champions League couples de facto ... everything is open.

Inter - Tottenham Hotspur *, countless markets and super returns.

Let's go in detail:

# Completely undisputed Inter - Tottenham both started the year numbly coming from defeats there is a concern on both sides ... dry and objectively the value for the Ikardi - Kane birds to swing the net any time.

# Super climate in Galatasaray locker room after two years absence returns dynamically to the forefront of the competition, started the season strongly (3 wins in 4 rounds 14-1) will undoubtedly chase the qualifying score. in a difficult group however every grade is gold.

# Sold out the 'Maracana' 10-5-0 in this year's official Red Star overrun found in the event groups will run for the result ... barometer Ancelotti's arrival on the Napoli bench automatically lifts turns and masculinity. In any case, the goals are expected to make their way to the half.

# Monaco didn't exist last year and didn't touch (6 racing without a win) plus there are issues with players on the agenda ... Atletico M.'s roster with Simoneone is more energized in the stands.

# The irreversible situation in Schalke (3 series defeats) will meet a mountain in front of it ... a realistic favorite of the match Porto with a steady presence in the Champions League will certainly try to steal the impressions.

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Inter - Tottenham
Galatasaray - Lokomotiv M.

goal / goal


Monaco - Atletico M.
Schalke - Porto

goal / goal


Mauro Icardi
Harry Kane

any time
any time