Family with Delije…

Gate 7, organized by Olympiacos, is a family with Delije, the Red Star's organizers. Greek and Serbian fans of both teams have been "twinned". They want the victory tonight at the stadium, both men and women, but they are not going to be found, to be flattened. The disapproval of the Olympiacos players, as soon as they come in contact with the ball, will be done. Thats something else.

Another team, another the Door of her followers. Another is Communism, another is the KKE. The Communist is an ideologue, probably not expressed by the party. After all, there are a lot of Communist parties in Greece.

Another team, and another one today's PAE of Marinakis, yesterday's Kokkalis, tomorrow somebody else. Another team, another jersey, which is an idea, religion, love, and another the footballer, who is a passer-by, yesterday elsewhere, tomorrow with another jersey. For the fan, the team plays on the field, its jersey, not the football player. It doesn't exist. He's only there to fight for the team's victory, not his side.

30-old German, Bosnian origin, Marko Marin, played professional football in eight (8) teams before coming to the Olympics. Today with the Red Star jersey will be the opponent. The star of Serbia's roster is Kania from PAOK, Garcia from Mars, Ben from Olympiacos. Former coach of Panionios Milojevic, who played ball in Ioannina, Kalamata, Panathinaikos, Apollo, Heracles.

Panathinaikos plays basketball with the Red Star of Belgrade and with the fanatical Serbian fans are the gabbro. The organized Paoktsides are the same family as the hooligans of Partizan Belgrade. The twinned.

There is no twinning, though. There is the dominant "feeling" of rivalry that characterizes the follower. He is not so much in favor of his own team as against the one who has been set as an opponent by history. The rivalry feeds the fan, not the love in his team.