It's a matter of statistics ...


Good evening my friends,

Today's program offers several options and we will concentrate on two Greek games chasing two special bets.

Panionios comes from four consecutive games where there were no goals in the half. Panathinaikos has six consecutive Under 2.5 championships, scoring with the dropper. We choose to enter after 28 ′.

Lamia made a great win, defeated OFI with 3-1 and made a significant move. Larisa fights for her stay, has just won 1 in an 9 match, is weak at home (1-3-6). Lamia has a strong offensive line against Larissa, who is expected to play closed. One option is Ace but personally I would choose to score a goal after 28 ′ mainly because of instinct.


Panionios - Panathinaikos
Lamia - AE Larissa

Goal After 28 ′
Goal After 28 ′