Inter (conte)…

In less than three months, Inter has become the perfect image of Antonio Conte, one of the best coaches in the world to transform his teams. It's like painting with Leonardo's brush, day after day, without smudging, spreading not only his ideas into the regular but also his winning mindset. We remember when he took over Juve and started this amazing eight scudetti cycle that he could break himself, we remember when he took over the national team and he deleted the tragic Prandelli World Cup and we remember it when he won the championship with Chelsea the previous year it had finished in 10 position.

Conte has something more than the others, he has it inside him and he takes it out, for the benefit of his players. He is perhaps the one who looks most like Mourinho and it is no coincidence that Inter called him to end the hegemony of Juve, which, even after the victory over Verona, with the signature of an inexhaustible Buffon and the usual suspect Ronaldo, did not is still Sari's team. Mauricio needs time, Antonio χρόνος time… flew and in the amazing derby of Milan we saw his influence. Inter remain top of the table, with 12 points in four games, after a match in which they dominated on a spiritual and tactical level.

Conte's second-half transformation, shortly after Brozovic's lead, with Vesino replacing Sensi and Politano replacing Lautaro, completely confused Jabaolo and AC Milan, who are still far from the concept of team. The Nerazzurri "broke" their opponents, attacked them in all areas of the field and finally exhausted them: Two important saves by Donaroma, an incredible crossbar by D'Abrozio in an empty net, a goal by Lautaro that was canceled, then a second half time, with the celebrations for the goals of Brozovic and Lukaku.

A little Milan, really. It is likely that Jabalolo's first attack on Rossoneri opens, now his future will depend on the strength and consistency of the same players who did the transfers: We are confident that the responsibility for this Milan start is solely on the trainer ;

At the same time, Juve remain close, in the… shadow, with -2 from the top: With Verona he found himself back in the score, he turned it with Ramsey's first Italian goal and a penalty by Ronaldo, but he won, mainly, thanks to a great Buffon operation in the end. At 41, SuperGigi is always Numero Uno. And Sari, in relation to Conte, is further back in terms of painting Juve in the image and likeness of…