OVD.04 - 20010131 - OVIEDO, ASTURIAS, SPAIN: English forward Stan Collymore holding a scarf of his new Spanish soccer team Real Oviedo was presented as a new Real Oviedo soccer player today Wednesday 31st, January 2001 at the Carlos Tartiere stadium here in Oviedo north Spain. EPA PHOTO EFE / JLCEREIJIDO / sj-bw

Entrance to the barracks ...


We had the absolute best in yesterday's suggested points (6 / 6) with two funds and total return 25,41 … Go to the fresh:

# Against the backdrop of the ups and downs, Cadiz has achieved double-psychology in the Canaries by scoring 3 times… in general, Numantia counts 2 defeats in equal number of points (0-6).

# Dynamo's clear underdog of the match Dinamo counts just 1 win in 11 last games ... time issue Cologne Rise Walk made the first round (8-1) own will now.

# Once 1 is needed Freiburg to secure mathematics in the category ... Dortmund's motivation and tradition form (4 / 5 wins) also argues that performance is at -4 from top to bottom in the shadow of Bayern.

# Heavy jersey Real M. plays inside out for the win, marginally wins the ace and with a goal difference ... 1 defeat at 7 more recently Basque sees Europe chasing 6 team.

# Undefeated in 8 last in Oviedo (9 series under) being better looking for entry to the barracks ... Cordoba shakes a scarf Preparing for the next category.

# Without returning the match for Villarreal urgently needs points, the bad loss at the tail of the battle scoring will take place ... no issues left, Leganes pressed 41b. saved.

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Freiburg - Dortmund
Oviedo - Cordoba
Villarreal - Leganes



Cadiz - Numancia
Dr. Dynamo - Cologne
Real M. - Bilbao