Italian forecasts ...


Good morning my friends.

A look at our current options that are all from neighboring Italy:

Play Day Offer * in Serie A.

AC Milan have reached 4 position but have conceded goals in 7 matches at home. Turin, on the other hand, have been undefeated so far and it is likely that Gattuso's mind may be in the next match of Faliro. I think both teams are more likely to score.

Eboli is always playing open and finally justified after starting to get results while Bologna seems unable to come out of the crisis that has fallen as it has been defeating for more than 2 months. Logically the Tuscany will win but here we go with the many goals as Empoli has 6 over at 6 last and Bologna 5.

Parma is relatively strong at home, plays good football and has made it difficult for anyone who has gone through it. Chievo does not seem to be able to save the relegation and despite two consecutive draws with Napoli and Lazio I am not convinced that he can get something out of the game at Eno Tardini.


Parma - Chievo
Empoli - Bologna
Milan - Turin

G / G