Boxing Day… (TAMEIO - 4,53)


Hello my friends,

Merry Christmas to all and everyone. Of course, all football fans at the festivities are waiting for Boxing Day, which has great games in both England and Scotland and what everyone is expecting is spectacle and of course many goals.

Liverpool are advancing in England and with Manchester City's 'air' + 4 welcoming Newcatle, which is still a good team, but still looks to be looking. In addition, Anfield is giving Liverpool extra momentum, which I don't think will be easy to beat and many goals are expected.

Manchester United have changed their 'page' and with post-five psychology, against Cardiff, it looks like the very bad Huddersfield. The 'Red Devils' don't think they will have a problem and we will see a game similar to that of Wales and the home side will prevail very easily and with many goals.

Watford's game against Chelsea is definitely special, as Watford come from two consecutive wins and Chelsea from their home defeat at Leicester. I think we will see a very impressive game, with the ball up and down, many phases and many goals from both teams.

The game between St. Mirren and St. Johnstone is expected to be closed, but the visitors are looking for a return to victory after two consecutive defeats, while the home side may have won the previous match, but ... miracles don't happen every day. The two teams may only have three places in the standings, but St. Johnstone has 16 points above (28-12) and is of course a better team and will struggle to get into the playoffs, unlike St. John's. Mirren will certainly be one of the teams that will claim their stay through the playoffs.

Top Derby between Aberdeen and Celtic. The two teams have a difference of just three points, but Celtic certainly have the shirt to go on to win and increase the difference between the two. It will be a logically closed game that will be judged in the details and there is definitely a benefit to the guests because of the experience of so many championships.

Seven days ago Hibbernian managed to get a draw from Rangers at home, but this time things are different. And the difference is that the two teams change seats and there, Rangers have a clear advantage, which is also a better team and has the advantage of home, given that Celtic have a difficult game to score a possible goal. We of course not.

Happy Holidays to all in good health!


Liverpool - Newcastle
Man. United - Huddersfield
Watford - Chelsea

1 & Over 2.5
1 & Over 2.5
G / G


St. Mirren - St. Johnstone
Aberdeen - Celtic
Rangers - Hibbernian