Forza Foggia…


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Arsenal - Manchester United with bet return *, enhanced performance * and live alerts.

# Nature aggressive sets Breda and Den Haag play without risk without scoring, they score in a decent tempo they will look for the goal from the locker room ... it's worth over 2,5.

# Nancy got it going to look her way through the playoffs ... on a good moon Ausser runs 3 win series (xNUMX-11) completed 0 unbeaten match has not conceded a goal in 9 more recently.

# Agassiou has been able to pinpoint 1 points since the beginning of December at L6 ... he is consistently the first to make a point scoring systematically inside, he will do the same in Corsica.

# Properly split the odds set it's hard to say who will win. Impossible to keep zero in the defense Zaragoza (30 passive goal) plays with overtime ... clear overload Oviedo wins 3 loser.

# Both teams are burning for the points but closer to the three point shows Foggia - better on the offensive side - finds nets relatively easy ... Crotone does not say head to head (7 defeats and 2 draws).


Nancy - Auxerre
AC Ajaccio - Metz
Foggia - Crotone

goal / goal


NAC Breda - Den Haag
Zaragoza - Oviedo

goa / goal
goal / goal