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CL 6ηracing… group phase.

# Indifferent to the ratings, Club Bruges being "passed" in the Europa League groups ignores the win at 8's most recent European games (0-3-5) ... there is an incentive on the part of Atletico M. to win in the first place.

# Monaco club run 13 unbeaten Champions League match featuring one of the worst defenses in the competition unable to threaten ... worth Dortmund's double overruns will clear it for prestige reasons.

# Losing at Einfeld Liverpool (13-5-0) definitely needs a win without scoring a goal in the event of a triple draw qualifying as the first independent scorer ... many qualifying scenarios for Napoli "go through" or even go through. First luck to the doubler.

# First in the group with Barcelona counting 28 unbeaten Champions League match at 6 / 8 more recently keeping its focus intact ... Tottenham will look for an overhaul as it outshines its potential rivalry.

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Club Brugge - Atletico M.
Monaco - Dortmund
Liverpool - Naples

goal / goal