Gambling boats ...

I record it as a phenomenon. The world's high interest in the ... unknown. This is the transcription. You don't know what fish the newcomer will catch. And they don't expect to see him play first and then ... get excited. No, it's not like that.

Before he even came to Olympiakos, the Frenchman Mathieu Valbouena had been preceded by the relevant and imposed panic. The rest gave them the front pages. Leave the other. Marinakis gave an interview to Tsipras, to talk about the paparazzi of the "Noor 1" press and the journalist turned the conversation around to μπ Valbouena. And in the other transfers that are planned to follow at Olympiakos.

Transcription carries the unknown, but also the ... hope. The team will become stronger, make the championship. That's how it goes. From the origins of the world. Hope at the top of the agenda. And because futurism is immortal, it is eternal for centuries, the Hope whale continues to play.

Let us reconcile with hope, but let us not depart from the other, the teacher who listens to the name Logic. Hopefully you fly into the clouds, with logic you don't step into the void. We have and say, then.

What will the player Valbouena, who plays on 35, add to the Olympics? Let's not forget the luck of the other player who came to Olympiacos at the same age last year and ... lost. And from Olympiacos, and from football. I'm talking about Yaya Touré. And for him the headlines had fallen.

In addition to Valbouena, Marinakis will bring other players. Unreasonable, but the truth! It looks like Tsipras doing transcriptions of right and royal on the ballots of the… left Syriza. Lest we forget. Gambling boats have come to the Olympics in the last two years. No other PAE made so many transcripts. And yet the team lost the championship, both 2018 and 2019.

2018 because it did not perform well, in the estimation of PAE itself, 2019 lost the championship unfairly because Olympiacos had the best team. And since, finally, Olympiacos has built a team that plays good football and deserves the title, why does he want to ... start over? The built-in team may need 2-3 additions, not another gaming headlines.