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Good month with health !

Argentina and Portugal failed to stand up to the circumstances, and they said goodbye to the event early.

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Let's go to the following pairs:

# Spain's top 23 match unbeaten finish 1η in the group due to better attack, given the quality of its players did not achieve the expected performance but remains one of the big favorites for the mug ... first possible test for Russia debuts in the knockout phase of the World After the collapse of the USSR earns impressions however, 3ara from Uruguay put things right. In any case, Spanish tequila creates dizziness with vomiting tendencies.

# Made of strong metal the team of State makes the best tournament after the 1998 can reach the suitcase, closed with the absolute 3 / 3 in the group phase has what we call a "football mind" ... a solid set Denmark has managed to pass The '16' of the event is theoretically capable of hitting the match, but it will hardly stop Croatian mass outbreaks. The comparison between the teams' rosters yields results.

In the rest of the program from Scandinavia we bet on three dynamite Ranheim, Tromso and Bran with a total output of 6,80 plus.

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Spain - Russia
Croatia - Denmark



Ranheim - Start
Tromsoe - Odd Ballklubb
Brann - Molde