Riding on a horse ...

I'm wondering what kind of championship awaits us. From afar it looks like it won't be one of the same. One above the known ones. As life has been, so did the great Olympians, Panathinaikos, AEK. Like it or not these three had the first word. These teams depended on what league we would eat on the map. All the other teams were in combo. Monday. Bad, very bad, but that was, as you put it, a scoring project. PAOK?

Yes, there is PAOK at this dose as well, he even plays the first track table. For the first time in history. And if he goes through Basel his confidence will be heavy.

To get back to the championship, the scheduled draw was not made yesterday. Well, they will find one day to do it. We used to say that before the games started PAOK was a favorite, and only then did everyone realize the difference of the next championship. All right. And there is a lot of legend about popcorn. They have the right to speak, to be given by all popular journalists. And they write as if they are referring to Barca, Juve, Bayern. That AEK, Olympiacos is already seeing the back of the team from afar. The other, Panathinaikos is not accounted for, is in the charge of Lamia and Apollo.

Who is Panathinaikos? At one time PAOK received internationals and gamblers, Achilleas Aslanidis, Angelos Anastasiadis, Christos Terzanidis, Christos Dimopoulos, GC Georgiadis, Dimitris Salpigidis. Today Panathinaikos is gossiping with,. Cougars. Who was the one who made the headline transcript? He did not like PAOK, and after lending him friendly in Veria, and in a team of Poland, who did not get there, made it to Panathinaikos, with the approval of Alafuzos and Peiroz of Thailand.

Understand. For popcorners who for the first time do not fly on a magic carpet but are penthouse. The fucking seasons of injustice are over. The Athenians had a hunting life for us. Well, now we are riding a horse and we are not caught by any buffalo. No problem if they get revenge damage from Basel! After decades they have become professionals in the field. And to the excuse.

The other is the question. Whether PAOK will be able to overcome - psychologically - a shift from the troubled Swiss team. The expected is to win in the rematch. It is difficult for the favorite team to get hurt, especially when it is fragile in the PAOK character.

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