Cavani and Suarez the birds… (CASH - 3,20)


Phase of the "16" knockout games… now the real World Cup begins instead of looking at a little ball.

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# Without much effort, France (1 defeat in 16 games) qualified for the first place in the group, complete in all lines, the team of Deschamps midfielders overflows with quality while Matuidi, Griezmann, Zirou and Ebape are able to drill in any time dt η the situation in the locker rooms of Argentina normalized after the 2-1 against Nigeria, however, it was not convincing with its performance. Without the thoroughbred striker, Sampaoli will start the match with Di Maria with Pavon on the wings and Messi in the role of striker. Wrong deviation in the set of odds to the left we go for a game of tactics and expediency I do not see a winner in the first 90 minutes.

# 3 wins in as many matches Uruguay (6 consecutive wins) was the only team that did not concede a goal in the group stage passed relatively easily to the "16" phase returns 4-4-2 Tabares bets on the birds Cavani and Suarez to move the night… recipe Santos Portugal with a drum defense usually reaches the extremes, if it passes plays with the winner of France - Argentina in the quarterfinals. Ronaldo has 4 goals (along with Loukakou) is claiming the title of top scorer in the tournament. Matches with peculiarities will probably be judged marginally in the goal as well.

What is worth of the rest of the program:

# 7 consecutive defeats the record for Varnamos there is no lifeline… trinket the performance in the "double" of Brage counts 4 wins in the last 5 scores to a satisfactory degree.

# Statistics over Los Angeles - Philadelphia (from 4/6 last each) both teams come from victories while in the last 2 they have scored a total of 11 times with what this means… the rest on the field.


France - Argentina
Uruguay - Portugal



IFK Vaernamo - IK Brage
Atlanta United - Orlando

Over 2,5