Caviar and Swarovski birds ... (FUND - 3,20)


Phase of the "16" knockout games ... now the real Mundial begins if we look at a little ball.

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# Without particularly overwhelming France (1 defeat in 16 matches) took the lead, finishing first in the group, completing all the lines in the midst of Deccan midfielder extracting quality from Matoudi, Griezmann, Giroux and Ebype any time. dt ... the situation in the locker room of Argentina was normalized after the 2-1 against Nigeria but it was not satisfied with its performance. Without the pure-blooded striker, Sabaoli will start the match with Di Maria with Pavon on wings and Messi in a striker role. Wrong deviation in the set of odds to the left go for tactical and feasibility play I don't see a winner in the first 90 minutes.

# Uruguay 3 match wins (6 series wins) was the only team to not concede a goal in the group phase It was relatively easy for the '16' phase to bring back the 4-4-2 Tambourine Kauai to the Birds the double ... recipe Santos Portugal with a drum defense usually reaches the end, if he plays with the winner of France - Argentina in the quarterfinals. 4 goals scored by Ronaldo (along with Lukaku) claim the title of first scorer in the tournament. Matches with particularities will probably be judged marginally on goal.

What is worth of the rest of the program:

# 7 Series Defeat for Varnamo No Rescue Board ... Babel's double-double performance counts 4 wins in 5 last scoring well.

# Statistics over Los Angeles - Philadelphia (from 4 / 6 last each) Both teams come away with wins while 2 most recently have scored a total of 11 times which means ... field trips.


France - Argentina
Uruguay - Portugal



IFK Vaernamo - IK Brage
Atlanta United - Orlando

Over 2,5