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Let's go to Saturday's top picks:

River Plate - Boca Juniors with Premium 5% * and countless special bets on Sportingbet!

# On the downside, Udinese (3 / 4 defeats) have definitely complemented the 7 matches without a win ... Attractive in the Roma double being a top-quality finisher and has the tradition of winning the 4 last year.

# On top of that, Mainz runs 4 series over in the class coming from 3 scoreless three-pointers scoring as high as possible ... full attack Dortmund rightly pays into the penthouse table, incidentally this year has achieved 4 overturns.

# On the good track Panetolikos has no issues with staying, he will fight to the point but better to look elsewhere ... despite the difficulty of making 4 a continuous glee, AEK can easily "pass" Agrinio.

# Nantes' super performance is embroidered aggressively, indicatively before the break he counted 4 wins and 1 goal-scoring draw (15-2) ... with the smallest ball possession Anze will vainly attempt to steal the result.

Atletico Madrid - Barcelona with bet return *, enhanced performance * and live alerts.

# Difficult to predict Atletico M. - Barcelona base recent image starts from draw draws slightly to the right ... fine balance on points everything will be judged in the midfield.

# All the lights on tonight's superb classic Riviera P. - Boca Juniors, offensive nature will come out on the field and whatever he wants to do. the away goals do not count in this case while in the event of a draw the match is prolonged and possibly on penalties ... late work will come.

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Udinese - Roma
Panetolikos - AEK Athens
Nantes - Angers



Mainz 05 - Dortmund
Atletico M. - Barcelona
River Plate - Boca Juniors

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