England wins… (CASH - 3,02)


World Cup Group Stage:

# There are no odds of type 1,17 in the final phase of the World Cup, see Argentina and Germany. Belgium super team (19 matches undefeated) undoubtedly has the best bunch of players left to prove it in practice… 1η Panama's involvement in the Mundial left the United States playing without risk of ignorance.

# Swedish performance has value and value, "flew" out of the Netherlandsη in the group… nothing special South Korea under normal loses from half time. has the luck to score the attacking duo Toivonen - Berg.

# In the role of an underdog, Tunisia will hardly make it to the "16" of the tournament, it will go for a good performance ή England finished undefeated in the qualifying phase (8 wins 2 draws) runs 10 matches undefeated officially and the team with the smallest m is friendly. the age of players in the World Cup does not carry the pressure of the past will try to be first in the group.

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Sweden - South Korea
Tunisia - England