At Risk of Bankruptcy…

The corona struck everywhere he turned the planet upside down and football could not be an exception. Tournament breaks, indoor stadiums, postponed events, advertising cuts, sponsorships. Football was "hurt" seriously, big teams are in danger of bankruptcy and surely the ambitious plans never came to fruition! The FIFA file with the data on player transfers shows the size of the problem! In particular, the amounts spent on transfers of players in international football decreased by 23,4% last year and the reason for this situation is only the νο coronavirus.

The data he published FIFA showed that the total expenditure on world football was 4,66 billion euros, from 6,08 billion euros in 2019! The total of last year's transfer expenses was the smallest since 2016 and the 5 billion euros spent on buying and selling or lending players. Most of them come from European clubs, although most of the teams had serious financial consequences, after the first lockdown that was imposed last March. We remind you that Barcelona is in danger of bankruptcy, while the French teams due to the suspension of Ligue 1 saw their revenues from television rights decrease considerably. English Premier League clubs topped the spending charts with an investment of € 1,347 billion, Serie A was second with € 605 million, followed by LaLiga, the Bundesliga and Ligue1. Outside of Europe, the most expensive countries in football were Brazil and the USA.

Not even Barcelona, neither Real nor City were at the top of the teams that made the most expensive transfers. First in transfer expenses for 2020 was Chelsea, which brought to Stamford Bridge excellent players such as: Werner, Medi, Haverts, Zieh. Chelsea was followed by: Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona and Juventus. Beyond that, Spain was at the top of the relevant FIFA study chart for the countries with the highest transfer revenues, with its teams receiving a total of € 650 million.

The transfer moves decreased significantly, which can be seen from the smaller number of loans. In particular, the number of total transfers worldwide, including loans and "free" players, has dropped considerably. A total of 17.077 agreements were made during 2020, from 18.047 in 2019, although the percentage was even higher than in 2016.